White Gallery 2018

On the 25th of March we launched our brand new Love Supreme collection at White Gallery London. The big event was our catwalk show on Sunday where the new dresses made their debut to a packed house of retailers and world press. We had a fantastic time at the show and it was fantastic to meet up with our amazing stockists and our friends from the magazines and other press. The new collection was inspired by natural elements as described by designer Marguerite.

Love Supreme 2019
It was autumn and from the radio I heard the faintly melancholy opening notes of John Coltrane’s classic and I was looking out on the seasonal landscape. I always fall in love with the confetti of leaves cascading down as time slowly moves the year into a transition. Partly veiled trees that allow light to pass through revealing their lacy skeleton and creating a filigreed detail of sparse leaves and spidery branches surrounding the strong structure of the tree, almost analogous to the ideas coming into my head. Strong form and structure adorned with fine, almost floaty detail like the remaining golden leaves of autumn.
As the show begins you will see autumn golds, vibrant, deep, sometimes transparent, as in dresses like Kira and Persephone. The collection moves onto strong structural classic shapes and finally returns to nature in the last two scenes where you will see gowns with cascading flowers and appliques suggesting the birth of the new.
Marguerite Hannah

March 2018

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